Miraculous Temple of Karni Mata

We all have travelled to a number of famous temples and heard about lots of miracles associated with them. There is one more temple among those temples, known as Karni Mata temple. Also known as Temple of Rats, it houses countless number of rats that are considered sacred and are worshipped by people. But there is a mystery behind the temple and the rats. It is located in Deshnoke town, Bikaner, Rajasthan.


Born in Charan caste, Karni Mata who lived an ascetic life and considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga is worshipped here. Karni Mata was the wife of Depoji Charan. However, later she expressed to her husband that she is not willing to engage in matrimonial relations. He initially humored her, thinking that everything would ease down with time. Instead of doing so, Karni asked him to marry her own younger sister Gulab so that he can have a proper married life. She herself remained an ascetic for the rest of her life with the support of her husband. The temple was created after she mysteriously disappeared from her home.


The rats in the temple, especially white rats also known as Kaba are considered sacred and are protected. Kaba is so rare in number among those rats that even a momentary view of it is considered fruitful and lucky. In fact, in the condition of worst plague, the area is never affected. If ever mistakenly, a Kaba dies because of any follower or visitor of the temple, they have to dedicate a mouse of same size made of gold. It is also believed that villagers residing around the temple when die, are reborn as mouse in the same temple.


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