India’s one and only advocate who carry on his proceedings in “Sanskrit”

Acharya_Shri_Shyamji_UpadhayHe started his profession in 1976, and in 1978 he was registered as an advocate after which he gave preference to Sanskrit for all his proceedings. All court work, like affidavit, petition, claim and even arguments are done using Sanskrit. Since the last 40 years, any judgement or order in favour of Advocate Shyamji Upadhyay is conveyed by the judge either in Sanskrit or in Hindi.

He told that during arguments in courtroom, if the opposition party is uncomfortable in understanding the language, in that case he uses simple Sanskrit words, breaks them into parts to make it easy for the judge as well as the opposition party to understand it. In case, the opposition does not agree to proceed in Sanskrit, then he uses Hindi.

Advocate Shyamji, not only in work, but also as a matter of faith in the language celebrates Sanskrit Day festival every year in the court premises. Apart from around five dozen unpublished compositions, Shyamji’s two commendable creations, “Bharat-Rashmi” and “Udgit” have been published. The characteristic of “Bharat-Rashmi” is that there is no use of verbs and pronouns in it whereas in “Udgit” every single word is a poetic composition. Not only in Sanskrit, but also adept in Hindi and English language, Shyamji insists that he is the only advocate to have carried on his proceedings in Sanskrit since years and wishes his name to be included in Guinness Book of World Records.

His love for the language could be seen even out of his professional life as in the evening, after his working hours, he teaches free of cost Sanskrit lessons to students and advocates interested in learning the language.

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